Device as a Service And The Digital Workspace

Device as a Service And The Digital Workspace

The digital workspace has emerged in recent years as a way to keep employees connected, productive and secure — no matter where in the world they are working.

Applications, content, back-end infrastructure and cloud resources all support the digital workspace, but end-user devices remain at the center of it all. Knowledge workers require the right smartphones, tablets and laptops to access the resources they need to thrive in their roles and create value for the enterprise. But as the number of device types and user roles have proliferated, the task of deploying and managing employee devices has grown more complex.

A number of organizations are turning toward a Device as a Service (DaaS) model, not only to help them get the right tools in their users’ hands, but also to streamline device management and improve cost predictability.

While some DaaS offerings are merely dressed-up hardware leasing programs, a more robust version of the model can help organizations to define user roles, configure devices, manage hardware and even dispose of devices when they reach their end of life. With the help of a DaaS partner, organizations can lower their total cost of ownership, reduce the burden on IT staff and improve employee productivity.

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