by Holly Hurd

Do your kids love your enchilada suizas? Are your friends begging you for your low cal lasagna recipe? Are your spiced pecans a hit every holiday season? You may think friends can cook like you or even love to cook. But that’s not the case. I can hardly boil water, and I would love for someone to cook for my family. And I’d pay them for it.

So many women love to cook and are getting paid to do it. Take Megan Ruppenstein for example, she began cooking great meals for her family and sharing her ideas with friends on the soccer sidelines watching her boys’ games. But when her friends said, “Would you just make extra for me?� she had an idea for starting a food business. With four boys to feed, she named her company Four Forks. Megan began by sending an email out to her friends a couple of nights a week, sharing what she was making and asking for orders. Customers would pick up their dinners at her home.


—> | Cooking for Cash by Holly Hurd of @VentureMom

Source: She Owns It | Cooking for Cash by Holly Hurd of @VentureMom

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